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About us

Soleil (means “Sun”) is a UAE-based jewellery brand targeted toward the confident, brilliant person who brings happiness to the lives of people around them. Just like the Sun!

Soleil’s aesthetic depends on the elegance of natural elements and a balanced approach of purposeful simplicity & bold pieces.

Our jewellery showcases our remarkable design at its best to capture the essence of the wearer’s personality. Each element of our jewellery is unique and special. We highly value natural elements and precious stones and crystals which are widely used in our designs, to provide the benefits of natural stones and also ensure the highest quality and make each piece an investment that will last a lifetime.

Every detail of our designs was very well thought of, with the customer in mind. The pieces are designed to serve as a well-wish or a gift to loved ones, bringing a spirit of joy, boldness, energy, and bravery into everyday life.

Our Collections